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Common mistakes when applying for Thai e-Visas

Please exercise caution in completing e-Visa applications to avoid any possible mistakes, which could lead to cancellation or rejection of the applications. Application processing fees (visa fees) will NOT be refunded in all cases.



1. Full Name

  • Don't misspell your own name
  • Special characters (Æ Ø Å etc.) must be changed as follows:
    Æ = AE
    Ø = OE
    Å = AA

    Your name must be spelled exactly as it appears in the machine-readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom of the biographic data page of your passport.

    The “Æ” should be written as “AE”, the “Å” should be written as “AA”, and the “Ø” should be written as “OE”.

  • Don't left out any parts of your full name
    • Example: if your full name is Åsamund Specimen Østenbyen, please fill in the entire name:
      • First name: Aasamund
      • Middle Name: Specimen
      • Family Name: Oestenbyen

  • Don't fill in an online application form with a different name from the one on the passport
    • Example: If your first name is Robert, you have to fill in Robert, NOT Rob or Bob. Please stick to the details in your passport that are compulsory for an e-Visa application.

  • Don't fill in with initial(s).

  • Don’t use AUTOFILL because it will alter your personal information and it could lead to rejection due to wrong personal information 

  • Don't use - or N/A or X or anything to indicate that you do not have that part of the name. Just leave that field blank.
    • Example: if you do not have a middle name, in this case, please leave the middle name field blank.

  • Don't miss out spaces when there is space.
    • Example: if your family name is Johan Wiik, you must fill in Johan Wiik (with space between Johan and Wiik) NOT Johanwiik.


  • Simple mistake(s) could lead to rejection of your application. The visa fees will NOT be refunded in all cases.

  • The Embassy CANNOT edit your personal details for you.

  • With a wrong full name, even if the Embassy had granted you a visa, you may encounter difficulties at the immigration checkpoints when you enter Thailand.
  • Fill in your full name as appears in the machine-readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom of the biographic data page of your passport and check if it is correctly spelled.


Surname_highlighted  First name: Aasamund
  Middle Name: Specimen
  Family Name: Oestenbyen
  Passport No.: CCC002251


2. Supporting documents

  • Don't submit supporting documents for your own satisfaction BUT as requested or indicated in the application. 

  • Don't submit financial evidence showing an unreasonable balance for a person to stay abroad. The recommended minimum amount should be around 10,000 NOK/30 days of stay in Thailand.

  • The Health Insurance Policy Certificate covering all expenditures of medical treatments including COVID-19 worth at least 10,000 USD must be in English or Thai only. A copy of the insurance card or Health Insurance Policy Certificate in other languages is not sufficient and is not accepted.


  • Failure to submit all required documents could result in further delay or rejection of your application.
  • If you haven’t traveled or have no travel record for the past 12 months since the last international trip on your passport. You can upload a blank page or write a confirmation on a paper that you haven’t traveled for the past 12 months 

  • Proof of residence can be either:
    For Norwegian and Icelandic citizens
    1. Electric bill containing your full name and address 
    2. Certificate of Residence (Bostedattest)
    5. National ID Card
    3. Biographic data page of your passport 
    4. Driver license 

    For Non-Norwegian/Icelandic Passport holders:
    1. Residence card (Oppholdstillatelse)
    2. Certificate of Residence (Bostedattest)

  • Before starting the application process, please equip yourself with information by reading/watching:





3. "Declaration"

  • Don't submit your self-created declaration form.

  • Don't submit an empty form, unfilled and unsigned.


  • A completed and signed Declaration Form is required.

  • Self-created declaration forms are NOT accepted.  





  • Please download the "Declaration Form" from thaievisa.go.th. It is right there on your application page in the Supporting Documents Section itself.  


  • You can also download the Declaration Form at the bottom of this page.

4. Under the field "Your picture holding the photo and information page of the passport" 

  • Don't submit just a photo of your passport

  • Don't submit just a photo of only your hand(s) and your passport







  • Submit NOT just a photo of your passport BUT literally a photo of you holding your own passport which is opened and show the data page (the page with your photo and personal information).

you_n_pp1 you_n_pp2  

5. Email

  • Don't mistype your own email.

  • Don't use an email that is full or practically unreachable.



  • All automatic communications between the e-Visa system and you are done through the email you provided. This includes the delivery of your visa once approved. 
  • Please check the spelling of your email in order to make sure that your email is correct. 






6. "Photograph *taken within the last six months"

  • Don't use a cropped photo from your passport.



  • If the photograph does not reflect your current appearance, you may be refused to enter Thailand.
  • Please submit a proper passport photo (pass foto) NOT a photo cropped from your passport.





7. Nationality

  • Don't be confused about your nationality especially when you hold more than one nationality.


  • Your nationality at birth can differ from your nationality as appears on your passport.


  • Mistakes will lead to the rejection of your application. The fees will NOT be refunded in all cases.
  • The Embassy CANNOT edit your personal details for you.
  • Please refer to the data in your passport when submitting your e-Visa application.


Downloadable Form(s) / Document(s)