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Marriage Registration

When a Thai citizen with residence permit in Norway or Iceland wishes to marry a Thai citizen or a non-Thai citizen and have their marriage registered under the Thai Law, marriage registration can be requested at the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo free of charge.


Eligibility requirements:

1. Both or either of the couple is a Thai citizen

2. Both parties are 17 years old or above.

3. Both parties must not be confirmed by law as mentally ill or deranged person.

4.Both parties are not direct relative or half siblings.

5. An adoptive child is not permitted to marry his/her adoptive parent.

6. Both parties should not have a spouse at the time of marriage.

7. For a female applicant, whose husband died or whose marriage has become terminated, the marriage can only take place after 310 days from the death of a husband or after the divorce was registered. However, the marriage can be registered before such period in the following cases:

  • a) the female applicant has given birth to a child during such period;

  • b) a divorced couple remarry;

  • c) there is a medical proof stating that the female applicant is not pregnant;

  • d) there is an order of the Court allowing the female applicant to marry.

8. The marriage of a minor requires consent from parents or legal guardians. Without the consent, the minor may file an application with the Court for giving consent to the marriage.

Required documents to register marriage

1. Marriage Registration Form (please download at https://bit.ly/3VQxoMZ)

2. Agreement for Marriage Name (please download at https://bit.ly/45uJBtM)

3. Thai identification cards (for Thai applicants)

4. Passports of both parties

5. House registration in Thailand (for Thai applicants)

6. House registration in Norway/Iceland of both parties, written in English

7. Affirmation of Marital Status of both parties with validity not older than 6 months.


  • For Icelandic applicants
    A certificate of marital status is required.
    (How to apply for a certificate of marital status can be found at the website of Island.is: https://island.is/en/gifting-erlendis)

    The certificate of marital status must be legalised by Utanríkisráðherra before it can be submitted to the Royal Thai Embassy.

    (Please find guidelines for legalisation of documents by Utanríkisráðherra at https://www.government.is/topics/foreign-affairs/consular-affairs/)

  • Applicant of other nationalities

    The affirmation of marital status must be issued by the authorities of the country of nationality and legalised by the embassy of that country in Norway or Iceland before it can be submitted to the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo.

8. The following supporting documents must be submitted in the case that:

  • either party is divorced
      • A divorced certificate for the previous marriage
      • An affirmation of marital status
      • A medical proof stating that the female applicant is not pregnant, if the marriage registration takes place during 310 days from the solution of previous marriage. This evidence is not required if a divorced couple remarry.
  • either party is widowed
      • The deceased partner’s death certificate
      • An affirmation stating that the remarriage has not taken place after the death of deceased partner
  • either party’s name has changed
      • a confirmation of name change.

9. Two witnesses for marriage registration must submit:

  • Thai identification cards (for Thai nationals)
  • Passports (for other nationals)

10. Additional documents may be required

Procedures to register marriage

1. Please prepare the abovementioned documents (the checklist of required documents is available at https://bit.ly/36Ac72B) and send all copies to the Embassy for document review at [email protected]. All files should be named after the documents and attached in the same order of the checklist, e.g., “1. Request form of Legalisation 2. Marriage Registration Form…” 

2. The document review takes 7 – 14 days working days or more, depending on the number of applications at the time. Incomplete documents may delay the process.

3. Once the document review is completed, the Embassy will arrange an appointment for marriage registration. Both marriage applicants accompanied by two witnesses must appear at the Embassy to submit all the original documents, sign registration documents and obtain a marriage certificate.

4. In case of name/surname change after marriage, the applicants must submit the marriage certificate with the changed name/surname to the local district office in Thailand, in order to register the name change before applying for a new Thai identification card and a new passport.

Downloadable Form(s) / Document(s)