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Birth Certificate

Children of Thai nationals who are born in Norway have the right to get a Thai birth certificate at the Royal Thai Embassy by applying.

  • Please scan all the required documents and send them to [email protected]
    The Embassy will schedule an appointment for you once we see that you have all the required documents.

Required document(s)

  • A birth certificate (fødselsattest), MUST in English, from the local register office (lokal folkeregister kontoret).
    Afterward, you must take the birth certificate to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation, 

    For more information regarding legalisation process can be found here:
    English version: Regjeringen.no - Legalisation
    Norwegian: Regjeringen.no - Legalisering

  • A birth report (fødselsmelding) from the hospital where your child was born. It must contain the name of the child’s mother, date, time of birth, the child’s weight at birth, or other certificates from the hospital containing this information. If you do not have a birth report, you must bring ‘‘EPIKRISE’’ from the clinic.

  • Copy of the I.D. card and copy of the house registration of the child’s mother.

  • A marriage certificate (vigselsattest) from Thailand or from Norway. If the applicant does not have a marriage certificate and the child uses the surname of the father, the applicant must include the Testimony of Biological Father. (Testimony of Biological Father must be legalised by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before coming to the embassy)

  • One copy of the child’s parents’ passports.

  • House registration(bostedattest) in Norway of the child’s both parents.

  • One picture of the child, size 2’’ x 2’’

Downloadable Form(s) / Document(s)