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Thai Death Certificate

When a Thai citizen dies in the Kingdom of Norway or Iceland, the death can be informed to the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo, in order to request a Thai death certificate free of charge


To request a Thai death certificate at the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo, please submit:

1. Death registration request form (please download at https://bit.ly/3JeIF0S)

2. Thai identification card and/or Thai passport of the deceased

3. A copy of Thai House Registration of the deceased

4. The deceased’s copy of resident registration in Norway or Iceland, written in English

5. Death certificate issued by foreign authorities and written in English

6. Cause of death issued by Norwegian or Icelandic authorities or a medical certificate of cause of death must include date and time of death written in English

7. Documentation of body disposal method and place issued by relevant authorities (written in English)

8. Identification card of the notifying person

9. Passport of the notifying person


Procedures to request a Thai death certificate

1. Please prepare the above-mentioned documents (the checklist of required documents is available at https://bit.ly/3Jd2iX5)  and send all the copies to the Embassy for document review in advance at [email protected]. All files should be named after the documents and attached in the same order of the checklist, e.g., “1.  Request form of death registration 2. Thai identification card of deceased 3. Passport of deceased…”

2. The document review takes 7 – 14 working days or more, up to the number of requests at the time. Incomplete documents may delay the process.

3. Once the document review process is completed, the Embassy will arrange an appointment with the notifying person to submit original documents and sign the death certificate which can be obtained on the same day.

Downloadable Form(s) / Document(s)